Helping You Find Experienced Columbia Traffic Violations Lawyers

Allen & Nelson, P.C., routinely refer out traffic ticket cases to Columbia, Missouri, traffic law attorneys who are very knowledgeable in the highly technical area of Missouri traffic law.

Because of the technical nature of Missouri traffic law and the potential for serious consequences to your driving record, the attorneys at Allen & Nelson, P.C., highly recommend that you consult a Missouri traffic violation lawyer before pleading guilty or paying a fine on a traffic ticket. Simply paying the fine for a traffic ticket will almost always go on your driving record, and may lead to a license suspension or revocation and may cause your insurance rates to increase.

More often than not a traffic lawyer can negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor that minimizes the impact of a traffic violation on your driving record in exchange for an increased fine or other conditions as negotiated with the prosecutor.

For more information, visit the Traffic Law FAQ page. If you have received a traffic ticket in the Columbia, Missouri, area or mid-Missouri area, you need a traffic attorney to protect your record. Please contact Allen & Nelson, P.C., if you would like help finding a skilled criminal defense lawyer in the area who can help you with your traffic violation matter. The attorneys at the firm often work with and refer out these types of cases to respected defense firms in the area.