Construction Accidents in Columbia Missouri

From helping people get the proper treatment and compensation after an on-the-job injury to helping them pursue workers' compensation and Social Security Disability claims correctly at every level, the construction accident attorneys at the Columbia, Missouri, law firm of Allen & Nelson, P.C., have the knowledge, skill and dedication to provide the service and help you need when you need it the most.

Attorney Truman E. Allen has more than 30 years of legal experience, including eight years as an administrative law judge for the Department of Transportation and Division of Workers' Compensation. His experience and knowledge of cases involving medical evidence and injury is invaluable to clients who have been hurt in workplace accidents, especially all types of construction site accidents.

Skillfully Handling All Types of Construction Accident Injury Claims in Missouri

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Allen & Nelson, P.C., lawyers handle construction worker injury claims resulting from:

  • Scaffolding accidents from improper rigging or safety measures
  • Forklift accident caused by improper usage or maintenance
  • Electrocution from live wires not being properly covered or warnings posted
  • Toxic exposure from chemicals in materials being used
  • Improperly used or defective heavy machinery

The firm's full services include workers' comp and SSDI permanent disability claims and appeals as well as personal injury claims against contractors, subcontractors, property owners and other relevant parties who negligently or recklessly contributed to the cause of the construction accident and injuries.

Benefit From the SSDI and Workers' Comp Experience of Allen & Nelson, P.C.

Truman E. Allen spent eight years as an administrative law judge for the Department of Transportation and Division of Workers' Compensation. He has analyzed countless medical files and doctor reports, and he knows how to properly present the key medical evidence that can and is often the difference in a workers' compensation claim being fully paid or denied. He knows which strategies work in real life and which do not. This unique experience and familiarity with the negotiation process, as well as injury trial tactics, ensure your case will be handled correctly and will yield a beneficial result for clients.

Allen & Nelson, P.C., can answer your questions about treatment and medical bills, and help you fully pursue proper workers' compensation benefits as well as compensation from third-party personal injury claims and SSDI claims, when necessary.

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